Saturday, 6 September 2008

Independent Bureau of Investigations News Blog

We provide accident investigation, reconstruction, animation, analysis, illustration, court testimony and accident investigation training . We also specialise in light motor vehicle accidents; pedestrian accidents, commercial accidents (truck accidents and bus accidents) and our specific fields of expertise involve 3D modelling, 3D animation, truck accident investigation, lamp analysis and human perception reaction issues. We also provide expert services in air bag deployment analysis, seat belt use analysis, brake system analysis and light bulb and lamp analysis and crush measurement.

This gallery is a graphic illustration of our daily activities as far as possible. The gallery will be regularly updated, and will include stories, illustrations, preliminary opinions, warnings and articles associated to specific images. This is where we will try our best to post regular image updates illustrating where we are, what we are doing and what we are achieving. It is also a great place to visit in order to see where all we have been, where we have operated, what we see on the roads while we travel and is a more general illustration of our experiences.

This is not designed to be a narrative about our daily boring lives or for the media to get free pictures of the latest gory accidents we attended, but rather a general overview of some of our most interesting experiences and some of the most beautiful sights we have seen. This is the softer, more natural side of IBF Investigations, and serves to illustrate that we are just as human as any visitors to our site, that we try to make the best of a very hectic schedule and that we care deeply about road safety, in general.