Saturday, 6 September 2008

Public Submissions

This is a gallery containing images, illustrations, comments or stories from the public or from our clients in general, illustrating something they might have observed that they think would be benefit to others to be aware of. Often a number of images of some of the most notorious accidents make the rounds via e-mail. This is where some of these might be posted. We invite any submissions regarding very serious accidents that might have occurred, where road safety is a concern, illustrations and images of any intersection or road design elements that could be dangerous, unsafe vehicles or driver actions seen on our roads, etc. If an unsafe intersection raises concerns, this is where we hope that some road-users will read about it, and act more safely at that location. We also open this gallery with some examples of our own.

Please note that – in the interest of ensuring appropriate content - submissions to this gallery can only be done directly via e-mail to us, and not directly onto this site. As valid as they may seem, and as much as we feel for all accident victims, we will not be including personal stories of loss, legal claim issues, legal advice, marketing content, branding, name and shame attempts, personal details, company logos or any other content considered inappropriate. We want visitors to understand that this gallery was posted in an effort to attempt to create awareness regarding road safety. We will not be posting letters to parliament, asking municipalities to act or using the gallery to ridicule law enforcement efforts. This gallery is strictly for information purposes.

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