Saturday, 6 September 2008

In Memory

The rumour made the rounds recently that the government allegedly decided to launch efforts to remove all wreaths placed on the sides of road, in memory of people that died in accidents. This was allegedly part of an effort to reduce the obvious reminders of the gross failure of road safety in South Africa. To this end, we want to give families an opportunity to post us their stories by e-mail, for inclusion under this gallery. Perhaps like-minded people could come here, and see that they are not alone in their misery and suffering and that there are others that feel the same, and who have lost just as much.

In order for your story to be included in this gallery, we would require a picture of the person or persons that passed away, a picture of the accident (at-scene if this is available), a picture of the wreck that the person passed way in and the picture of the wreath at the scene. Then add a short story. Please do be reminded that the final content will be edited for simplification and formatting and that we will not post name, blame and shame stories. This gallery is dedicated to accident victims in positive memory, and not to the anger and bitterness of families. This is a tribute to those that helped shape the face of road safety by sacrificing their lives in the universal plight that something must be done.

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