Saturday, 6 September 2008

Independent Bureau of Investigations News Blog

We provide accident investigation, reconstruction, animation, analysis, illustration, court testimony and accident investigation training . We also specialise in light motor vehicle accidents; pedestrian accidents, commercial accidents (truck accidents and bus accidents) and our specific fields of expertise involve 3D modelling, 3D animation, truck accident investigation, lamp analysis and human perception reaction issues. We also provide expert services in air bag deployment analysis, seat belt use analysis, brake system analysis and light bulb and lamp analysis and crush measurement.

This gallery is a graphic illustration of our daily activities as far as possible. The gallery will be regularly updated, and will include stories, illustrations, preliminary opinions, warnings and articles associated to specific images. This is where we will try our best to post regular image updates illustrating where we are, what we are doing and what we are achieving. It is also a great place to visit in order to see where all we have been, where we have operated, what we see on the roads while we travel and is a more general illustration of our experiences.

This is not designed to be a narrative about our daily boring lives or for the media to get free pictures of the latest gory accidents we attended, but rather a general overview of some of our most interesting experiences and some of the most beautiful sights we have seen. This is the softer, more natural side of IBF Investigations, and serves to illustrate that we are just as human as any visitors to our site, that we try to make the best of a very hectic schedule and that we care deeply about road safety, in general.

Social Projects

This gallery contains images from the various social projects we have committed to, the various social events we have attended and of the various social situations we were made aware of. Since all of our efforts are designed in support of road safety, some relate to road safety in general. As an example, Stan and Jackie were both members of the “Crime Watch” while they stayed in Table View/Parklands in Cape Town and they were both police reservists. These are our stories and illustrations of our commitments to society as a whole.

Public Submissions

This is a gallery containing images, illustrations, comments or stories from the public or from our clients in general, illustrating something they might have observed that they think would be benefit to others to be aware of. Often a number of images of some of the most notorious accidents make the rounds via e-mail. This is where some of these might be posted. We invite any submissions regarding very serious accidents that might have occurred, where road safety is a concern, illustrations and images of any intersection or road design elements that could be dangerous, unsafe vehicles or driver actions seen on our roads, etc. If an unsafe intersection raises concerns, this is where we hope that some road-users will read about it, and act more safely at that location. We also open this gallery with some examples of our own.

Please note that – in the interest of ensuring appropriate content - submissions to this gallery can only be done directly via e-mail to us, and not directly onto this site. As valid as they may seem, and as much as we feel for all accident victims, we will not be including personal stories of loss, legal claim issues, legal advice, marketing content, branding, name and shame attempts, personal details, company logos or any other content considered inappropriate. We want visitors to understand that this gallery was posted in an effort to attempt to create awareness regarding road safety. We will not be posting letters to parliament, asking municipalities to act or using the gallery to ridicule law enforcement efforts. This gallery is strictly for information purposes.

In Memory

The rumour made the rounds recently that the government allegedly decided to launch efforts to remove all wreaths placed on the sides of road, in memory of people that died in accidents. This was allegedly part of an effort to reduce the obvious reminders of the gross failure of road safety in South Africa. To this end, we want to give families an opportunity to post us their stories by e-mail, for inclusion under this gallery. Perhaps like-minded people could come here, and see that they are not alone in their misery and suffering and that there are others that feel the same, and who have lost just as much.

In order for your story to be included in this gallery, we would require a picture of the person or persons that passed away, a picture of the accident (at-scene if this is available), a picture of the wreck that the person passed way in and the picture of the wreath at the scene. Then add a short story. Please do be reminded that the final content will be edited for simplification and formatting and that we will not post name, blame and shame stories. This gallery is dedicated to accident victims in positive memory, and not to the anger and bitterness of families. This is a tribute to those that helped shape the face of road safety by sacrificing their lives in the universal plight that something must be done.


This gallery illustrates any and all events that IBF Investigations have contributed to, visited, supported or enjoyed, and is limited to road safety or relevant topics. We trust that this gallery will serve to educate, inform, illustrate and motivate all those in the transport industry, law enforcement industry and insurance industry to consider the numerous opportunities that could exist for positive contribution to road safety. We also feel that this serves to illustrate our commitment and interest in safety in general in South Africa, and our contributions to the nation. Please do feel free to contact us, should you wish to invite IBF Investigations to contribute to-, attend- or include any event or conference.